EPIC Oct 5 2010 Workshop Recap

Emily Shurr of EPIC Global Challenge recaps this week’s workshop: Technology experimentation with WebEx, how to improve our remote collaboration, speaker series tasks, Second Life and creating a living agenda document.


EPIC’s Speakers Series launches this fall at Stanford and we want you to be a part of it.

Why me?

We would love for you to speak because we believe you provide inspirational, timely and topically relevant expertise and vision which would serve to prompt others to engage in the cause of violence reduction.Mark Nelson

What should I speak about?

Whatever it is that excites you most in the realm of peace innovation, whether it be the crowd-sourcing of societal problems, the use of emergent persuasive technologies to advance peace, or anecdotal cases of violence mitigation.

What is EPIC?

EPIC Global Challenge, a project from the Stanford Persuasive Technologyand Peace Innovation Labs, creates frameworks, technology, tools and incentive prizes to empower individuals to create innovation networks to solve complex global problems.

Who are We?

EPIC Global Challenge is a community of researchers, activists, scientists, engineers, businesspeople, government officials, and other stakeholders, working together to measurably increasing the quantity & quality of positive engagement across conflict boundaries worldwide. You can learn more about who we are and what we do here: Participants

To find out more about how to get on the Speaker calendar just click Speaker Series here.

Educating the New Generation of Collaborators

Recently, we have been working on developing a curriculum that would prepare high school students for participation in the EPIC Global Challenge Platform. We have just finished a draft of what we think would be an awesome 3-week module for a high school class. The syllabus is based on helping the students discover the concept of peace innovation through research, learn and practice important skills necessary for collaboration, and developing their own unique and creative solutions. We are hoping that people of all ages—including teenagers—can come up with ideas for solving this problem of gang violence.

The syllabus is the first clear outline of how we hope this class would go. The class syllabus would change depending on the allotted time for the class: Syllabus for Mass Collaboration Module